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Plague Kids

Plague Kids


At the beginning of the pandemic,  across the world students were sent home from school and forced into online learning regimes that hadn’t existed before. Plague Kids is a document from those 6 months spent in the urban wilderness trying to move forward with any kind of education.

Plague Kids is a collaborative effort made with my kids as we roamed the city, once allowed, after finishing the weekly exercises posted to an online platform intended to ensure continuing education for children across the country.  The project is a collection of color prints and a limited edition series of handmade books.  25 books in total were assembled from prints made on top of their homework from the period and stapled together with construction paper covers. The work is an exercise in Palimpsest and intended to be a historical document of life in that brief period of before successive waves of COVID changed so much. If interested in books or prints, please feel free to contact me at or by phone at +34 600 335 832.

Prototype Plague Kids book