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Sevilla, España

I am a photographer and educator residing in southern Spain, and also a DUE (Spanish equivalent of a registered nurse). Due to staffing shortages during the pandemic, I returned to the field of nursing and from September 2020 to the end of April 2021 I worked almost exclusively with COVID and post-COVID patients in the hospital wards and later in the ICUs of the Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocio. The current series of images, Virgen del Rocío, and accompanying handmade limited edition books are an attempt for me to process major life changes thrust upon myself, my family, and everyone else on the planet by an uncontrollable universe, the daily witnessing of traumatic events and the miseries inflicted not just on the population at large, but upon healthcare workers in direct contact with the virus in their day to day labors. Daily meditations through photographic explorations of the environment that surrounds me have been uploaded to Instagram and catalogued by location, date, time and circumstances, and then reflected upon in an attempt to purge the artist of the horrors experienced in such a short period of time.


The Long Exposure:

Michael Padilla

Source Magazine Graduate Photo Online 2021

Source Magazine’s showcase for emerging photographic talent from photography courses across the UK and Ireland.


October 2021
Realities Constructed
4 Corners Gallery, London

Realities Constructed

August 2021
Landings 2021
Falmouth University Online Showcase

August 2020
Landings 2020
Falmouth University Online Showcase

June 2006
“In Passing” – solo – 23 images
Galeria Ánima – Seville, Spain

October 2003
RIT NASAD Exhibition – group – 6 images
Bevier Gallery – Rochester, NY

May – September 2003
RIT Student Honor’s Show – group – 2 images
Bevier Gallery – Rochester, NY

February 2003 – March 2003
Club Lux Artists Exhibition – group – 3 images
Club Lux – Rochester, NY, USA

February – March 2003
“Over Break” – solo – 20 images
Gallery R – Rochester, NY, USA