PHO701: Week 8

PHO701: Week 8


This week we were tasked with setting up a gallery to show our work in progress with the idea of moving towards a project proposal and submission of work at the end of the module.

I’ve been shooting since the beginning of the course with an eye on the city as a canvas. I still have yet to nail down the exact direction but the more I shoot and wander and read, the closer I come to a clearer picture of my project.

Links to my galleries:

Version 1

Version 2

What I was looking at was vernacular, not refined photography.
– Guido Guidi

FRONGIA A (2015). Guido Guidi. Interview by Antonello Frongia. APERTURE(220), 51-57.

I’ve also been talking to a lot of people about my work. Last Thursday Jasmine, Phil and James met on canvas to talk over our work. I think we all received a lot of great feedback and it helped each of us to bring more focus to our ideas. I also chatted with my pal Brian Emery about my work for the first time in awhile. He studied his MFA at the same time as I was doing my undergrad at RIT and later moved to New York to work at the Fashion Institute of Technology teaching photography.

We discussed a couple of ideas related to the work:

  • The dichotomy of the natural order and the cultural. This Medieval / Baroque city with it’s ultra-Catholic traditions and culture, in certain circles, has completely conquered nature, what plant life exists comes from afar, is treated without care and squashed among the bricks of the city.
  • Sevilla Vulgar, the working title of the project, is a play on vernacular and vulgar as synonyms. In Spanish, to some ears it might sound provocative/profane and to others amusing. This leads to a whole can of worms about, as my Spanish friends put it, the dual nature of the Spanish, the never-ending battle between conservative and progressive factions (which led to the Spanish civil war after all) and which continues to stoke tension, especially now with recent elections that pushed the far-right party to the fore and witnessed the collapse of the nominally centrist party. The future government, which looks like it will be progressive, will be possible only with the support of separatist parties, and economic recession looms on the horizon.

I’ve reworked my work in progress gallery twice but due to problems with this theme, I’ll most likely present my work as a PDF to avoid problems with viewing. Over the Xmas holidays I hope to redo the website with another, or possibly edit this one to try and get it to display thumbs as I want it to.