PHO701: Week 7

PHO701: Week 7

Oral Presentation

This week I finally finished my oral presentation after receiving a lot of great feedback from my classmates and from my advisor Michelle.

The final product can be seen here:

It was a struggle to produce but I feel that I did the best I could in the time alloted and don’t feel too embarrassed about it.

So, I’ll be working on the Vernacular Sevilla, Sevilla Vulgar for the time being and have begun printing the images I’m making to more easily edit and arrange them. Next week I will be shooting from Monday to Wednesday.

In the webinar we talked about the micro projects we had commissioned amongst our peers. As I mentioned last week, I worked with Isabelle who was unable to attend the session because of connectivity issues.

Readings this week have included:

JAMISON, LESLIE. “The Lovely Solitude of Standing in a Crowd”. The Atlantic. December 2019. Available online at: