PHO701: Week 6

PHO701: Week 6

Revisions on my draft oral presentation have been made and can be seen here:

Audio is still rough because I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what I want to say.

I’ve got a shortened summary of my past work.

A longer look at the work I currently do.

A longer talk about what I want to shoot, but still not quite there I feel. Perhaps because I’m not the wordiest person.

This week I also began working on a mini-project with Isabelle Boutriau.

My brief was to make a series of 7-10 photographs with captions discussing plastics in my area and how they are handled / dealt with. It was a relatively open brief that allowed me to be as creative, or not, as I wanted to be.

I researched recycling in my area, through the local newspapers (Diario de Sevilla) and the cleaning company’s (Lipasam) website (Articles in Spanish).

I thought about the brief and above all on how much of the plastic that is collected ends up recycled, and the different uses it can have. I sought to create a series of images highlighting those uses, and the ubiquitous nature of plastic in our daily lives, and in the products we use/food we buy.

I have presented the project as a PDF together with Isabelle and it appears as follows:


  • Las mil vidas del plástico. Diario de Sevilla. Diego J. Geniz. 25 June 2018.
    Available online at: ley_0_1256874955.html
  • Los españoles ya usan la mitad de bolsas de plástico que hace una década. EFE. Alba Zafra. Published in the Diario de Sevilla 17 August 2018. Available online at:
  • Lipasam. Cuida de Sevilla, separa los residuos en tu hogar. Accessed 04 November 2019.
    Available online at: en-tu-hogar

Readings this week included catching up on the readings to date from the different modules as well as the following articles:

  • LYON, DANNY. When Fathers Die: Remembering Robert Frank. New York Review of Books. 27.09.2019. Available at:
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