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PHO705 Coursework

Final Project Proposal

Final Project Proposal submission for Michael Padilla, German Bight cohort, Falmouth MA Photography, 2021. PADILLA-MICHAEL-GERMAN-BIGHT-FMP_Proposal_vF-web

PHO705 CRJ posts

PHO705: Week 4

Sophie Calle has always been one of my favorite artists.  Her work 'The Hotel' inspired me to look for new ways of creative narratives, and another of her pieces, Exquisite Pain, helped me through a personally painful break-up earlier in life.  I don't know why but throughout the MA I haven't referenced her work besides

PHO705: Week 3

This week the main focus has been on getting together the Project Proposal, the first graded assignment in this module.  As in other modules, I might run through the Learning Outcomes in an attempt to self-analyze the success of the (depressing) proposal.

PHO705: Week 2

After last weeks meeting, I've turned to expanding the comments, trying to direct them in a way, to channel and focus my efforts to illuminate our current predicament. Some of the developing strategies have included obliquely referencing the situation such as with the January 31st post:     View this post on Instagram   A

PHO705: Week 1

Might as well start off with the Kecha Pucha I threw together for my meeting with my tutor in week 2.  For this week's post I'm going to be reviewing what we talked about (lo hablado) and my and my tutor's takeaways from our time together.   Building off of last week's statement of intention,

PHO705: Week 0

I am a man with different plans than one year ago.  As I look to begin the FMP phase, I have tried to imagine my state of mind in January 2020, just before beginning PHO702.  I was to focus on a project that would fit in with my hectic spring schedule, a smartphone based social