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PHO704: Sustainable Prospects

PHO704: Sustainable Prospects

PHO704: Coursework

PHO704: Critical Research Journal

PHO704: week 4

Another week of crushing work and little production, here I am 2-3 days late on posting yet the kids are in school and I'm free from the war zone until this weekend, plenty of time to not think about anythign but photography and to try to move forward in the creation of the project, which

PHO704: week 3

This week has been light on work as I've been on surprise childcare duty thanks to Covid-19.  I'm been mostly thinking about what I want to do, and how I want to do it, and have experimented a little with trying to capture the vantage point of older images through google maps: Fig.1+2 Puerta de

PHO704: week 2

This week is off to a slow / late start as, as feared, my son's class has been quarantined until Oct. 13th and so, once again, I have the kids at home, with the added bonus of being unable to take one of them out of the house, though the rest of us can leave,

PHO704: Week 1

As an introductory week, this one was quite light.  The first webinar was supposed to be a big Q&A but there didn't seem to be too many Q's as the A's were quite well explained. Groups are up and running now and though I won't be participating in one, I thought I'd have the theme

PHO704: Week 0

Walls, that’s what comes to mind this module.