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PHO703: Surfaces & Strategies

PHO703: Critical Research Journal


PHO703: Week 10

This week we're talking about our WIPP, so below please find the Gif presentation of my book, and then the scanned images themselves if you wish to detain yourself for more time with the images.  Below that is a wonderful little write up of the concept of Palimpsest (Thanks Tim!). Gif PALIMPSEST My great friend

Kecha Pucha v1

PHO703: Week 9

This week we were supposed to consider the following: • Practitioners that influence you or relate to your current work. • Your relationship to the medium, your tools, and your approach. • Your motivation and how that may have changed. • If and how you might do things differently moving forward.   So since I've

PHO703: Week 8

Time marches ever onwards and we are now coming close to the end of the module. I think I may have one or two more shoots left but really, the task now is to assemble the materials and start printing the books as the project as is doesn't communicate much, apparently. Resolutions: My pecha kucha

PHO703: Week 7

This week has been dedicated to books, books and more books, though not as many books as I would have liked.  There's also the Landings exhibition in which I'll be submitting work from the POLTNI series.  The theme for the show is metamorphosis so I will be including metamorphised images from the series, images of

PHO703: Week 6

Independent reflection: • Whether photographs should resonate with the space / place in which they are viewed. • Whether he choice of space and audience reduces your authorship of the work. • How you could get the audience to contribute to, rather than participate in, experiencing your work. In your CRJ, write a short summary

PHO703: Week 5

Independent reflection • Your experience of the week's activities and feedback received. So, I felt like this week was a light week compared to the previous 4, maybe it was designed that way.  I spent a lot of time thinking and reading and not as much producing and doing exercises. • Any reconsiderations to the

PHO703: Week 4

On the work front, here's how my research has been developing:   A Wired article on AI (algorithms) being used to detect the faces of criminals (Link) We were asked to reflect on the following this week: • Your experience of the week's activities and any feedback received. • Any reconsiderations to the core methodology

PHO703: Week 3

New in week 3: 1. Making a zine with Mark and Marcel (and maybe Andy).  We're working on an accordion-fold zine containing 6 images from each participant. The theme for the zine is what we find on the ground in our own areas. Once we have the images we will lay them out and print

PHO703: Week 2

On the shooting front this has been a productive week. Tying my shoots to my daily outings with the kids has helped and I'm beginning to get used to corralling them through the streets and shooting at the same time.  I am a little bit up in the air as to the theoretical direction of