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PHO702: Informing Contexts

PHO702: Informing Contexts


Weekly posts

PHO702: Week 4

So a couple of things about this week:

PHO702: Week 3

This week we were asked to engage with the idea of the constructed photograph. During the webinar this week I shared a few images from the social media series, some ideas about maps for moving forward and some of the rejects from my daily shots. What stuck with me most from the talk was Michelle's

PHO702: Week 2

This week was a bit of a whirlwind

PHO702: Week 1

In the webinar this week we were asked about what we are currently working on so I laid it out as follows: I'm making daily images with the phone and editing them and posting to Instagram. I include a title, the address, and the google maps GPS coordinates so viewers can join in the fun.

PHO702: Week 0

This post is a work in progress. (And it still is) So I approached this exercise as a response to four main points: 1) Reflect on the intent of your practice and the 'human choices' you have made to visually convey your ideas. Illustrate this with examples of your work (both successful and less successful).2)

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