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PHO702: Informing Contexts

PHO702: Informing Contexts


PHO702: Critical Review of Practice

Critical Review of Practice

PHO702: Work in Progress Portfolio

Have you ever wondered about the information collected by the personal spying devices we know as smartphones?

Weekly posts

PHO702: Week 12

I finally submitted my WIP and my CRP Sunday morning. All that's left now is to finish up this last post for the CRJ's. In my last meeting with Paul he recommended I read Vilem Flusser's Towards a Philosophy of Photography over the break.  I'll also be looking for a copy of Lev Manovich's AI

PHO702: Week 11

In this final installment of the PHO702 CRJ, I'll be looking at some of the final details from the WIP portfolio that I've been putting together. The images themselves have been resolved.  They will include the photograph as taken, a selection of the html code displaying the lack of AI tags and the artist's name,

PHO702: Week 10 – Work in Progress Portfolio

fig.1 - Full Fig.2 1040x1040 image weighted fig.3 1040x1040 squares slight gapfig.4 1040 squares large gap Fig.5 Full right Fig.6 Full Left   Fig.7 Full left 1040 blocks small gap Places of little to no interest Places of little to no interest Places of little to no interest

PHO702: Week 10

I finally was able to write a draft of the Critical Review of Practice this week and begin to construct the final images that will be included in the WIP hand-in. I still need to develop my intent / introduction as it isn't quite there yet besides a list of bullet points that I'd like

PHO702: Practice and Preparation

In the run up to the Easter holidays, we've been asked to reflect on the our own practice in the terms of the Learnig Outcomes. So I've written up a draft and sent it off to Paul for review.  Getting anything done in the new reality sure is interesting... Critical Review of Practice: Points of

PHO702: Week 9

So I've been looking at the meta data and what that might mean for the work itself.  Due to global circumstances, however, I have yet to make any progress on my CRP, or at least that's what I tell myself.  Points of Little to No Interest is consuming most of my time with the maps

PHO702: Week 8

I've cleaned up my excel sheets quite a bit and begun to sort through the images according to the number of likes they receive.  I've made a few selections, from 16, 17 and 18 likes or more giving me 18, 16 and 12 images to choose from.  I have continued to collect images from my

PHO702: Week 7

This week was about the 1 to 1 time with our tutors and with Dr. Cosgrove in order to discuss our progress throughout the module.  The beginning of the week feels, sitting here on Sunday the 15th like another world.  In the last 4 days quite a bit has changed so much so that the

PHO702: Week 6

I don’t feel that I got much done this week,

PHO702: Week 5

On the home front, I have made some decisions about the current course of Places of Little to No Interest.

PHO702: Week 4

So a couple of things about this week:

PHO702: Week 3

This week we were asked to engage with the idea of the constructed photograph. During the webinar this week I shared a few images from the social media series, some ideas about maps for moving forward and some of the rejects from my daily shots. What stuck with me most from the talk was Michelle's

PHO702: Week 2

This week was a bit of a whirlwind

PHO702: Week 1

In the webinar this week we were asked about what we are currently working on so I laid it out as follows: I'm making daily images with the phone and editing them and posting to Instagram. I include a title, the address, and the google maps GPS coordinates so viewers can join in the fun.

PHO702: Week 0

This post is a work in progress. (And it still is) So I approached this exercise as a response to four main points: 1) Reflect on the intent of your practice and the 'human choices' you have made to visually convey your ideas. Illustrate this with examples of your work (both successful and less successful).2)

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