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PHO701: Positions & Practice

PHO701: Positions & Practice


PHO701: Work In Progress Gallery

All images from module 1.

PHO701: Research Project Proposal

Final submission.

PHO701: Oral Presentation

Final oral presentation for PHO701 Positions and Practice module, 2019.

Critical Research Journal Weekly Posts

PHO701: Week 8


PHO701: Work in progress v2

Working title: Sevilla Vulgar This is round two but the theme doesn’t have a horizontal scroll for some posts and you can’t open the lightbox easily enough… Here’s the first version, slightly altered with cropped thumbs:

PHO701: Work in progress

Working title: Sevilla Vulgar

PHO701: Week 7

Oral Presentation

PHO701: Week 6

Revisions on my draft oral presentation have been made and can be seen here: Audio is still rough because I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what I want to say. I’ve got a shortened summary of my past work. A longer look at the work I currently do. A longer talk about what I want

PHO701: Week 5


PHO701: Oral Presentation Draft

My name is Michael Padilla and this is my oral presentation for Positions and Practice. Over the next 9 minutes I will be analyzing my past and current practice and talking about where I see my work heading. PAST: My interest in photography began when I was 15 years old.  At the time I was

PHO701: Week 4


PHO701: Colours of the Night

A mini-collab for Falmouth Photography MA by Kimberley Barry, Paul Moran, Michael Padilla, & Mark Crean. Colour of the night is a collaboration originally started by Kimberley Barry, based in Bristol, and Paul Moran, in Reading.  Kimberley was nice enough to invite Mark Crean, based near Oxford, and myself, in Seville, Spain, to the mini-project

PHO701: Week 3


PHO701: Week 2


PHO701: Week 1

It works

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